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"I launched my nutrition business"

It feels so good, and I could not have gotten to this point without the support of Dietitian Boss.

Dena, Adulting Nutrition

"I gets sales online"


I create clear content that gets sales. After starting this program I have a system now that allows me to create content in half the time it used to. 

Lindsey, Food Freedom Fertility

"I've been able to help so many Latina's"


I'm excited that I took a leap of faith and invested in my business and with Libby. Niching down was scary, and I'm glad that I invested!

Dalina, Your Latina Nutritionist


About the Founder Libby: Dietitian Business Coach


As a former clinical dietitian and nutrition consultant I understand the pain and frustration of limited access to credible business resources that work in the age of the internet. 

If you're like most registered dietitians and like our 1000+ past students, you feel burnout  working traditional dietitian jobs (i.e clinical) that offer low wages relative to your education level.

The 9-5 schedule doesn't align with how you want to build your life. 

You want to explore alternative career paths in dietetics where you can get your time back and earn money while working remote so you can enjoy a flexible schedule.

You want to master becoming your own boss to create flexibility.