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"I launched my nutrition business"

It feels so good, and I could not have gotten to this point without the support of Dietitian Boss.

Dena, Adulting Nutrition

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I create clear content that gets sales. After starting this program I have a system now that allows me to create content in half the time it used to. 

Lindsey, Food Freedom Fertility

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I'm excited that I took a leap of faith and invested in my business and with Libby. Niching down was scary, and I'm glad that I invested!

Dalina, Your Latina Nutritionist

Anything can happen once you overcome your fears


Our students have successfully made money in various ways from launching their private practice, increasing rates, creating online courses, memberships, coaching and group private practices.

Our clients write books, secure recurring brand deals, monetize social media feeds, learn how to negotiate higher pay, and grow their business without taking more 1:1s.

Our clients take pride in representing dietetics and love learning together. 

We support registered dietitians in multiple countries from Dubai to India to South Africa to London to New York City. We have transformed 1000+ dietitians with our trademarked framework to help you get consistent clients online.