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Words From Our Clients

From Zero to 200+ Clients

I started from zero. I now run a group program to help more people. I quit my clinical job. - Becca King

I Quit My Job

I create clear content that gets sales. After starting this program I have a system now that allows me to create content in half the time it used to. - Lindsey Lusson

Best Business Decision

I quit clinical; working with Libby has been the best decision that I have made for my business. - Colleen Christensen

I Hit My First 10k Month (Ever). 

Dietitian Boss have shown me that it's possible to achieve big dreams and help more people, all while working flexible hours. - Megan Moore

From zero to multi-6 figures

After 1 year, I went from zero to multi-6 figures. Libby guided me the whole way through. - Talleen Hacatoryan

Overcoming fears

I think if I hadn't worked with Dietitian Boss I would have way undercharged for my services. -- Elena Kunicki 

Landed a book deal

I landed a book deal, quit my job and now my goal this year is a 100K followers and a 100K income. -- Ryann Kipping 

I earned my highest months of revenue

Talking about my goals in this program has helped me become more formulaic. -- Ashley Hurst

Improved Confidence

I got a piece of mind from Dietitian Boss. I'm more confident with my business without taking more 1:1 clients (while building a family). -- Lindsey Cortes

I Paid off my Student Loans

I have exceeded my income goal of covering my old salary. Team Dietitian Boss has change my life!! - Cynthia Donovan

I'm Now Full Time!

I have gained confidence and the know-how on how to approach social media marketing to increase my clientele. - Kristina Cooke

I'm Featured in Major Publications

I started with nothing; now I have an account, followers, I have a nutrition group program and I feel like I'm getting closer to my dream. - Kera Nyemb-diop

I Pre-Launched (And Made Sales)!

I pre-sold a recipe book on instagram for over $2500, sold more counseling packages, and I am clear with my marketing. - Karla Morena-Bryce

Created (And Sold) My Course

I made passive income from my course. Before working with Dietitian Boss I didn't know where to start. - Mariah Reil

I Quit My Job!

I started my business and quit my job. I have learned how to use social media to market and speak to my ideal client. - Rachel Sheahan

Flexible Schedule

I am so glad that I chose the Team Dietitian Boss as my business coach to help me set up my online private practice. -Analicia Powel