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From Dreamer to Achiever! I've been in your shoes.

Dietitian Business Coach, Mom, & Chief Motivator.

I'm obsessed with helping dietitians step into their greatness and become their own boss. 

I know what it feels like to be an invisible low  earner and not find educational resources.


Only a couple of years ago I was right where you are feeling insecure and alone.  Unable to find a clear path, I made it my mission to create a  framework and have seen so much success with it that I just knew I had to share it with more dietitians.

After 5 years of offering business training for CEU's...

Our team has taught 1000+ dietitians how to become their own boss using our trademarked system. 

We believe that 

Every dietitian can rise above the ordinary and become their own boss.

School teaches us the Krebs cycle, not business. Entrepreneurship is still a taboo topic in dietetics.

While school taught us a lot of things, it didn't teach us how to run a business, build wealth, pay off debt, manage time or believe in ourselves. 

Our proprietary system (an online curriculum) has helped thousands of registered dietitians, like you unleash your inner hero and risk above the ordinary dietitian 9-5 roles.

Is our program the best in class?

Our teachings are licensed in higher education for dietetics.

Libby created a trademarked system to help dietitians' through various stages of business from the beginning until the scaling phase. 

You won't find a comparable business program on the market for dietitians. We teach regular electives in dietetic coordinated programs about business in dietetics. 

Think of our framework as the equivalent to practice competencies for CEUs, with a focus on business and leadership (so you can become your own boss by overcoming your fears).

Libby manages a team of certified coaches who teach her framework to provide you with a dynamic learning experience.


Words From our Clients

Cynthia Donovan

I have exceeded my income goal of covering my old salary. Libby, you have helped me change my life!! And paid off loans.

Becca King

I went from 0-200 clients and I run a group program to help more people. I started my business while working as a clinical dietitian. 

Katie Gill

My business hit 6 figures! I went from 1:1 coaching to exclusively group. I would never have started a group without this program. 

It's Our Belief That 

Every dietitian can master business foundations and become their own boss.

Let us show you how to master your clinical, time management, social, business and interpersonal skills that will open the doors to rising above the ordinary dietitian opportunities (including a brick and mortar private practice).

We show you how to do things differently with our step by step proven system that helps you master flexibility in your life. 


How We are Different: We Live our Company Values


Courage: We inspire dietitians to rise above the ordinary. We pursue non traditional roles such as growing an online business and using online marketing to create more impact and income. 

Take Action: Being goal oriented isn't easy. Becoming a registered dietitian took tremendous focus, and we know that applying that same focus to our careers will transform our lives (even when we want to give up). 

Balance: We have a life outside of work. We align with the 4 day work week and we prioritize mental health over burnout. 

Accomplishment: We love achieving greatness from learning new skills related to helping clients achieve outcomes to mastering principles to improving our leadership and communication skills. We know that learning is ongoing. 

Confrontation of Great Challenges: We know it's not easy to become a Dietitian Boss or else every registered dietitian would do it. We consistency work towards building a life of accomplishment, resilience and freedom (by becoming our own boss). 

Fun facts


It's our 5th year in business teaching registered dietitians.


Our team lives around the world. Our staff lives in the United States, Peru, Canada and the Philippines. 


Our staff has always worked remotely and from the comfort of their pajamas. We have no physical office space.


Our staff loves to travel new places and try new foods. Our coach enjoys medicinal healing practices and our operations manager loves cooking Sri Lankan foods.


Our team is brought together based on wanting to enjoy our lives outside of work and we believe in remote, flexible work and taking Friday's off!

Coach Dr. Heather Paulson  

Executive Assistant Karen 


 Founder and Owner:

CEO Libby Rothschild 

As a former clinical dietitian and nutrition consultant Libby understands the pain and frustration of limited access to credible business resources that work in the age of the internet. 

Libby worked as a nutrition consultant to pay down her debt from graduate school. She found herself trading time for dollars until she felt extreme burnout and knew there had to be another way to represent dietetics and earn good money without sacrificing evenings and weekends. 

Libby learned how to master online  business principles and has documented every step of her journey to share the secret roadmap with registered dietitian's all over the world. 

Libby is most proud of the 1000+ registered dietitian's that the team has impacted as well as the hundreds of reviews and success stories from our clients who break past their limiting beliefs and create impact in the field without forcing themselves into a traditional 9-5 clinical job.