Hello! I'm Libby

Dietitian, Wife, Lover of Flexible schedules & Chief Motivator.

I'm obsessed with helping dietitians get paid, become visible and create flexibility (like taking Friday's off). 

I know what it feels like to be invisible and broke and not find resources.

Only a couple of years ago I was right where you are.


Just like you, I wanted to make money as a dietitian without burnout. 


I accepted a low paying clinical job as a new dietitian. To make ends meet I worked multiple jobs including consulting work. But, there was one BIG problem...

I kept trading time for money. I had no free time and no clue how to make a change.

I wanted to set my own schedule so I could start a family and be my own boss.

I went in search of resources and found nothing.

Unable to find a clear path, I made it my mission to create a  framework and have seen so much success with it that I just knew I had to share it with more dietitians.

After 5 years of offering business training for CEUs...

I've taught over 1000 dietitians how to become their own boss.

I believe that 

Every dietitian deserves a well designed business education 

School teaches us the Krebs cycle, not business. Entrepreneurship is still a taboo topic in dietetics.

While school taught us a lot of things, it didn't teach us how to run a business, build wealth, pay off debt or manage time. 

My proprietary system has helped thousands of registered dietitians, like you step into making money and feeling aligned as a practitioner by creating a flexible schedule.

Is my program the best in class?

My teachings are licensed in higher education for dietetics.

I created a framework to help dietitians through various stages of business from the beginning until the scaling phase. 

You won't find a comparable business program on the market for dietitians.

Think of my framework as the equivalent to practice competencies for CEUs, with a focus on business and leadership.

I manage a team of certified coaches who teach my framework to provide you with a dynamic learning experience.


Words from our clients

Cynthia Donovan

I have exceeded my income goal of covering my old salary. Libby, you have helped me change my life!! And paid off loans.

Becca King

I went from 0-200 clients and I run a group program to help more people. I started my business while working as a clinical dietitian. 

Katie Gill

My business hit 6 figures! I went from 1:1 coaching to exclusively group. I would never have started a group without this program. 

You're only

3 steps away

from transforming your business 


We offer a month to month membership and coaching. We provide specific training to support your stage of business to provide you with a customized learning experience.


You can progress as fast as you wish based on your goals and lifestyle. We help you develop a plan that fits your needs. Some of our clients want to become full time where others prefer part time. Some clients are full time looking to scale their private practice in a solo or group practice. 


We offer assessment tools to help you define your stage of business and customize your learning path. We suggest focus areas of business based on your stage. We set goals with you.

Let's Get Started

It's my belief that 

Every dietitian should have access to quality business education

and overcome knowledge gaps with business skills including negotiation, communication, time management, leadership and delegation. 

Let us show you how to master your time management skills that will open the doors to creating more flexibility in your schedule.


Want to work together for a full or half day? Roll out the red carpet so we can fully focus on you! Our dedicated time includes a pre-assessment to ensure we are prepared for action.


Starting from zero? Start and grow your private practice while earning 15 CEUs! Our monthly membership gives you access to our signature framework with support from our team each step of the way.


Ready to start, grow or scale? Want the ultimate and most personalized experience? We offer private calls and between support communication to help you achieve your unique goals. 

While you are waiting to start your journey with us

Download our Free Guide: 

9 Steps to Start & Launch Your Dietitian Private Practice


Fun facts


It's my 5th year teaching dietitians


My husband and I have visited Costa Rica three times. It's my favorite place.


Dr. Marion Nestle inspired me to become a dietitian. 


I have a Pomeranian named Hamilton


I'm obsessed with the spa and have created a weekly spa routine.

How I Give Back

We live our company values. 

We value Leadership, Balance, Compassion & Lifelong Learning. 

As a leader I have volunteered through the Entrepreneur's Organization for the last 3 years. As both a member and volunteer I serve as a mentor for early stage business owners as well as a coach for the New Jersey Accelerator Program. 

I'm a member of Forbes Business Councils where I regularly write about Dietitians.


Meet the Team 

Coach Dr. Heather Paulson


Heather ran a virtual private practice for a decade as a naturopathic doctor focusing on oncology. 

She now lives in Peru while studying ancient healing techniques.

Heather specializes in mindset coaching and applies the Dietitian Boss teachings to help you create a flexible lifestyle. Our clients LOVE working with her.