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A personalized relationship to support your growth goals, so you don't have to do it alone.


Get the hand holding you need to grow 

Imagine if...

  • You have a qualified and ethical coach to guide and support your next steps to speed up the process.
  • You worked with someone who has been in your shoes and gets you.
  • You have a step-by-step roadmap and a plan to support your unique goals. 
  • You follow a proven framework that was created exactly for your type of business and profession.  
  • You have a supportive, knowledgable coach (and private practice operator) who has the skills and experience to guide you every step of the way...

We coach beginners AND full time practitioners. 

Wherever you are in your journey we can help you become your own boss. 

Personalized coaching gives you the ultimate attention that you need to reach your goals. 

Here's what you can achieve as our client:

New & Aspiring Business Owners: 

  • Niching down (aka focus your message)
  • Create or improve your offer to support better client results and retention
  • Increase sales by improving your sales skills and systems
  • Marketing skills such as developing a marketing plan (and work the plan)
  • Social media skills 
  • Passive income and email marketing strategies to bring clients on autopilot  

Experienced Business Owners:

  • A clear plan to work less hours, and enjoy your life
  • Team management and hiring skills
  • Marketing skills and delegation systems so you can empower others to support your marketing goals (like growing a YouTube channel)
  • Tech system overview and automations to save time
  • Budget and finance skills to learn your numbers
  • Project management and organization skills
  • Prioritization skills

And the good news?

We have the secrets that get results

Introducing Private Coaching

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A personalized coaching experience where registered dietitians, like you get the exclusive support you need to startgrow and scale your business.

We have a team of coaches who you can work with based on your budget and goals. 

Our team has served over 1000+ registered dietitians  who have learned how to create a flexible lifestyle and become their own boss by following our trademarked framework.

* Coaching packages start at a 3 month commitment 

* Rates start at $4,500 USD with payment plan options

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What's waiting for you inside

Private Calls Twice a Month

Enjoy two, 50 minute calls a month to support your needs. Each call is held over video where you can access a replay.

Between Support Communication

Got questions or need support between calls? We offer between support communication Monday- Thursday to keep you on track.

Access to Resources

Need a reference, resource, tool or tutorial? We can pull from our library to ensure that you have what you need to reach your growth goals. 

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Meet Our Coach:

Hey, I'm Dr. Heather

Digital nomad, Naturopathic doctor, coach, & passionate about healing 

Dr. Heather Paulson has been with us for over a year coaching dietitians. She has run a virtual practice and brick-and-mortar clinic since 2010.

Heather has taken a sabbatical from her Naturopathic Oncology practice to travel the world with a Peruvian Shaman to teach healing methods.

What excites her the most is supporting registered dietitians on their journey and seeing them grow and scale by helping them identify limiting beliefs.

Heather is a master healer, mindset guru, and she uses the Dietitian Boss teachings to support our clients to reach their lifestyle goals and create more impact.


Meet our Founder & Coach:

Hey, I'm Libby

Digital CEO, Wife, Registered Dietitian, Coach & Passionate about dietitians in business

I looked for resources to prevent burnout as a dietitian. I couldn't find resources to build my dream life so I created Dietitian Boss as a solution.

I've helped dozens of dietitian's quit their job, pay off debt, create flexible schedules and earn 6 and 7 figures in annual revenues.

I created a secret framework to how I get results and I've packaged this process into a curriculum.

I have a background in working with people one-on-one, building academic programs and have been building businesses for almost two decades. 

Before I created this business there were no resources for dietitian's to increase visibility and income. Dietitian Boss remains the leader in the space of dietitian business education.

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