Scale Your Online Dietitian Business By Using A Project Management System


Have you thought about using a project management system to organize your dietitian business, but you can’t figure out how to make it all work?

I share insights into scaling your online dietitian business through effective organization using project management systems such as Asana. Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a team, managing non-client work like content creation, marketing, and administration is crucial. A project management system, such as Asana or Trello, can transform your business by centralizing tasks, enhancing visibility, and preventing disorganization (so you can get more stuff done).

I highlight the benefits of task management, breaking down projects into subtasks, and the crucial role of project management in content production, launches, editing, goal-setting, and finances. Achieving clear visibility of projects ensures better resource management, helping you meet deadlines and avoid financial pitfalls. After all, we are able to plan for my...

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Revealing the Surprising Truth about Private Practice Dietitians


Want the truth?

This week's FREE video debunks common stereotypes among private practice dietitians. I talk about business models such as virtual and cash pay. You might not realize that creating your own business will allow a system for freedom and flexibility that private practice dietitians enjoy, highlighting the potential for a balanced work-life schedule. .

What you will learn from watching:

  • The evolving landscape of private practice dietitians, breaking stereotypes in traditional dietetics 

  • Diverse business models, including cash pay and virtual setups

  • The freedom and flexibility offered by private practice for a balanced work-life schedule

  • Financial rewards and personal fulfillment in private practice

  • Real stories and testimonials from successful private practice dietitians that have overcome setbacks

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4 Tips to Have a Successful Dietitian Side Hustle

Many dietitians are struggling with huge debt, high cost of living, and salaries that aren’t quite enough to cover all of it. The average dietitian is making about $60k a year, and that simply doesn’t go very far if you’re living in many places in the United States. Unfortunately, most dietitians also work for large health providers who set their salaries, benefits, and hours, and they don’t provide them with the flexibility to have a serious discussion about their value. 

As a result, many dietitians are looking for extra ways to supplement their income by joining the 44% of Americans who have a little hustle on the side. But what they’re discovering is that their skills are highly valued and there are a lot of potential customers out there. In fact, there are plenty of ways that private dietitians can deliver much-needed services to the public, support colleagues and friends, and help people in their profession develop their careers.  

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Branding for Dietitians

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2024

Worried about how to stand out as an RD? You want to gain visibility but you aren't sure what’s missing. 

In this video, I explore the importance of branding for dietitians. Branding involves creating a unique identity for your business, encompassing elements like logo, tone of voice, messaging, and design. Basically a brand means you have a clear way of standing out so people know how you can help them. Creating a strong brand will become your superpower! 

If you are new at developing a strong brand, it's about defining the purpose of your business, while advanced practitioners focus on differentiating themselves and creating a unique presence. 

You might be surprised to learn that branding is seen as valuable not only for private practice dietitians but also for those in corporate or clinical roles and even for students. Tactical steps for building a brand include developing a web presence, utilizing meal planning software, and leveraging social...

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Learn about Menopause as a Specialty in Dietetics


In this episode. I delve into the realm of specializing in menopause as an online dietitian, exploring both the advantages and challenges of this niche. Menopause nutrition involves addressing the dietary needs during and after menopausal transition, emphasizing hydration, fiber, calcium, and vitamin D. 

The pros of specializing in menopause include a growing demand for this expertise due to an aging population, fostering personal connections with clients undergoing a significant life change, offering tailored solutions, and potentially receiving increased referrals from healthcare practitioners. 

I share success stories from clients of ours who specialize in menopause. I highlight the benefits and challenges of choosing this specialty including the need for continuous education to stay abreast of evolving guidelines, emotional considerations, and intense competition in this specialized niche. This week's video encourages you to build a strong online presence, stand out,...

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The Pros and Cons of Specializing in Weight Loss as Virtual Dietitian


In this video, I explore the pros and cons of specializing in weight loss as a virtual dietitian. I discuss the high demand for weight loss services, showcasing success stories from our alumni. Specialization of any niche can lead to a growing market, increased referrals, and tangible results for clients. But what if you are on the fence about weight loss? 

I address the emotional challenges related to weight loss, market saturation, changing trends, and client compliance issues. I emphasize the importance of crafting a specific message to stand out in the competitive space. Watch to gain insights into the complexities of weight loss counseling and learn how to navigate this niche in your dietitian practice.

I made a video on this topic that you can watch here:

What you will learn from watching:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of specializing in weight loss as a virtual dietitian

  • Exploring the high demand for weight loss services and its potential impact on business...

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Online Dietitian Private Practice Mistakes Your First Year of Business 8 Mistakes


I specifically address dietitians entering their first year of private practice, aiming to guide you through common mistakes to avoid. 

My primary focus includes minimizing overwhelm and facilitating a smoother journey towards your dreams. I talk about setbacks and experiences that hundreds of our clients have shared with us and now I want you to avoid the same pitfalls so you can create more impact sooner. 

I made a video on this topic that you can watch here:

What you will learn from watching:

  • How to avoid common mistakes in your first year as a dietitian in private practice.

  • Strategies to decrease overwhelm and navigate challenges effectively.

  • The importance of setting up a simple yet effective business plan.

  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards in your practice.

  • The power of self-promotion and effective marketing strategies.

  • Building a strong and consistent social media presence.

  • Leveraging the effectiveness of email marketing for...

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How to Start a Side Hustle for Dietitians without Experience

Scared to start? You are not alone. 

In this week's FREE video, I share insights on starting a side hustle as a dietitian with no experience. Discover tips on choosing the right side hustle, explore various revenue streams, assess your skills, and identify a profitable and enjoyable niche.

Learn how to leverage the expertise you already have and build an online business on the side (at your own pace). If you're ready to explore opportunities and avoid common mistakes, you can watch here:

What you will learn from watching:

  • Identifying the right side hustle as a dietitian without experience

  • Exploring alternative revenue streams and options

  • Assessing your skills and leveraging them for your side hustle

  • Choosing a niche to focus on and attract your target audience

  • Building an online business gradually and avoiding common mistakes

  • Understanding the importance of audience building for online programs

  • Exploring membership, course creation, and consulting...

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How to Create a Dietitian Private Practice Business Plan

Dietitians usually work for larger care providers, so the idea of creating a business plan isn’t something that’s second nature for most of us. For any startup to succeed, it needs a solid strategy, and your new practice is no exception. Developing your strategy with the right elements in mind will help keep you focused on the next steps for growing your brand and expanding your client base.

Even if you’re completely new to running a business, creating your dietitian private practice business plan doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or complicated! There are numerous ways entrepreneurs can build out their businesses, and depending on your focus and interest the elements will change. Fortunately, there are a lot of basic principles that apply across the board to serve as a basic framework for success. 

We’re here to help you understand how to structure your business so you can get it right the first time around. These are the core elements you need to...

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Day in the Life of a Registered Dietitian Scaling

Have you dreamed about scaling your dietitian business? 

In this week video as I share the ins and outs of scaling your online dietitian business. In this week's video I delve into the secrets to help you scale such as creating efficient systems, client success, and maintaining work-life balance. 

What you will learn from watching this weeks video:

  • Importance of scaling in an online dietitian business

  • Prioritizing process documentation and financial understanding

  • Reaching more clients through effective backend systems

  • Key metrics and numbers for business growth

  • Automations, systems, and hiring contractors for efficiency

  • Focusing on client results and happiness

  • Utilizing surveys and conversations for client progress

  • Taking breaks and avoiding burnout

  • Time management tactics and using timers for focus

  • Setting clear annual, quarterly, and weekly goals

  • Strategies for effective planning to support scaling efforts

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