Dietitian Business Coach Day in the Life


Ever wondered what a dietitian business coach's day looks like, especially with a baby on the way? Join me for a behind-the-scenes peek into my life as I juggle the third trimester and prep for my son's arrival! As the mastermind behind Dietitian Boss, I manage a global team, offering memberships, masterminds, and coaching programs—all while embracing a four-day workweek. My days are a mix of 90-minute focused intervals with plenty of breaks, themed around Mondays for management, Tuesdays for clients and content, Wednesdays for some well-deserved relaxation, and Thursdays for business development.

Navigating pregnancy means embracing flexibility. Some days start a bit later and involve more breaks, but that's the beauty of working with my body's rhythm. Wondering how to juggle it all? Reflect on your call capacity and energy levels to create a business that works for you. For more tips and support, join the Dietitian Boss Library—packed with resources, templates, and a...

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5 Marketing Tips to Grow as a Virtual Dietitian


Looking to boost your success as a virtual dietitian? These five marketing tips are essential: show up both in-person and online to build trust, utilize online platforms to expand your reach, master one platform at a time, build a strong brand that sets you apart, and deliver exceptional customer service to keep clients happy and loyal. Implement these strategies to grow your business and make a lasting impact in the dietitian community. For more in-depth guidance, join our Dietitian Boss Library and transform your practice today!

What You Can Learn from This Video:


  • The importance of showing up consistently, both in-person and online, to build visibility and trust.
  • Strategies for networking in local communities and utilizing opportunities to speak and connect with people.
  • Techniques for showing your face online through various platforms to scale your impact.
  • How to choose and focus on one online platform at a time to effectively grow your presence.
  • The benefits of building a...
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Start your Dietitian Private Practice without Accepting Free Work


Wondering if you can grow your dietitian practice without doing free work? Spoiler: you can! In this video, we discuss why free work has a bad reputation and offer three valuable tips to help you build your business and reputation without giving away your services for free. Learn how to leverage your current job, find paid opportunities, and strategically set and increase your rates. Plus, we tackle the common issue of staying stuck at low rates and how to move past it. Ready to value your time and expertise? Watch till the end to unlock your full potential as a private practice dietitian!

What You Can Learn from This Video:

  • The controversy around offering free work as a dietitian
  • How to grow your private practice without giving away free services
  • The importance of valuing your time and charging for your services
  • Alternative ways to build your reputation without free work
  • Tips for leveraging your current job to gain exposure and paid opportunities
  • Strategies to set and...
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How Many Dietitian Career Paths Are There?

Demand for dietitians and nutritionists is growing faster than many other industries in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be a 7% increase in demand for these professionals over the next 10 years, leading to 5,200 new jobs.

One reason why dietitians are so in demand is because they are increasingly valued across a variety of fields. Dietitians are found in healthcare, child development, sports, and even in the corporate world. This means there are countless dietitian career paths that anyone can take depending on their interests. Here are a few things to evaluate if you want to develop your ideal career path and find a job you love. 

Choose Between Working As a Contractor or In-House

Dietitians can either work for a single company as in-house employees or juggle multiple clients as contractors. In-house employees often have the most stability because they receive an hourly wage or flat salary every month. You will most likely receive...

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How to Accept a Complement as an Online Dietitian


Boosting your confidence and attracting more clients as a dietitian starts with something simple yet powerful: learning to accept compliments. Ever find yourself brushing off praise with a joke or downplaying your achievements? It's time to change that! When someone says, "Great presentation!" instead of saying, "Oh, it was nothing," try responding with a genuine, "Thank you! I really enjoy public speaking."

Accepting compliments not only feels good but also helps you connect better with others. Want to take it a step further? After thanking them, ask for feedback: "Thank you! Do you have any tips on how I could improve for next time?" This shows that you value their opinion and are committed to growing, which makes you even more likable and credible.

Graciously accepting compliments can transform how others see you and how you see yourself. It builds your self-esteem, enhances your interpersonal skills, and keeps you motivated. Ready to level up your confidence and client base?...

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Start your Dietitian Private Practice while in School


Hey dietitian dreamers, it's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit! Libby Rothschild here, your ultimate guide to navigating the exciting world of dietitian business-building. In today's blog, I'm breaking down the myth that starting your dietitian business while still in school is impossible. We're diving into the benefits, skills, and inspiration you need to kickstart your journey to success!

From honing your communication skills to clarifying your unique "why," we're laying the groundwork for your future dietitian private practice. Plus, I'm sharing real-life examples of students who've turned their passion for nutrition into thriving businesses.

So whether you're brainstorming e-books or networking like a pro, it's time to set goals and build habits that'll fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. And hey, if you want to dive deeper into the world of dietitian entrepreneurship, check out our membership, "The Library," for exclusive resources and community support. Ready to...

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Scale Your Dietitian Private Practice with a Budget


Step into the exhilarating world of scaling your dietitian private practice and master the art of budgeting! Experience the thrill of financial freedom, stability, and sheer enjoyment in your work as you position yourself as a leading expert and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities. But buckle up, because this journey isn't without its twists and turns! Dive deep into our budgeting toolkit, where numbers transform into a roadmap for success. From income to expenses, cash flow to investments, our expert guidance and proven templates empower you to make informed decisions and steer your practice toward prosperity.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Understand the benefits of scaling your dietitian private practice, including increased financial freedom, stability, and enjoyment in your work.
  • Learn how to create and utilize a budget as a roadmap for managing finances efficiently and meeting financial goals and obligations.
  • Gain insights into budgeting tools and templates provided by...
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3 Reasons To Not Hire a Dietitian Business Coach for Virtual Dietitians


In the realm of virtual dietetics, the decision to invest in a business coach can feel like a major leap. But I'm here to help you navigate that terrain with confidence. Let's tackle those tough questions together and uncover whether hiring a coach aligns with your aspirations. First and foremost, it's crucial to clarify your expectations for the coaching relationship. What are your goals? What role do you expect the coach to play, and what commitment are you prepared to make? Remember, this journey is about you, your growth, and your desires. As we delve into coaching expectations, let's not confuse the role of a coach with that of an agency. While a coach offers guidance and mentorship, the responsibility for executing the work rests squarely on your shoulders. It's also vital to consider your learning style and readiness for growth.

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the discomfort that often accompanies progress? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just...

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Start Your Dietitian Private Practice Without Giving Up


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed about launching or expanding your dietitian private practice? Let's turn those doubts into action with this week's FREE video guide. I'm sharing three empowering tips to boost your journey, regardless of where you're starting from.

Here's what you'll learn watching the video:

  • Reconnect with Your Why: Dive deep into your passion for dietetics. What drives you? Understanding this will be your anchor through every high and low. 

  • Embrace Your Unique Path: Whether you're about taking small steps or making giant leaps, discover how to progress at a pace that resonates with you. Flexibility is key, and it's all about what works best for your vision. 

  • Leverage Support and Resources: From the cheering of family and friends to the accountability of dedicated programs, find out how to surround yourself with the right support. Plus, I'll show you why blending clinical expertise with business savvy is a game-changer.

Catch the full episode on...

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Start Your Dietitian Private Practice Without Quitting your Job


Dreaming of launching your own dietitian private practice without waving goodbye to your day job? We've got your back! Dive into the world of side hustle success with us, where we make juggling your career and passion not just possible, but enjoyable.

This week, we're sharing golden nuggets from the journeys of dietitians like you who've paved the way. From the inspiring Carol who navigated the ups and downs to build her dream practice, to actionable insights on balancing your current job with your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll uncover:

  • Effective Strategies: Build your private practice without sacrificing your day job.

  • Real Success Stories: Get motivated by dietitians who've been in your shoes.

  • Goal Setting: Learn the importance of aligning your career with your personal ambitions.

  • Step-by-Step Guide: From being an employee to embracing full-time entrepreneurship.

  • Community Support: Discover the perks of joining the Dietitian Boss...

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