Start Your Dietitian Private Practice Without Giving Up


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed about launching or expanding your dietitian private practice? Let's turn those doubts into action with this week's FREE video guide. I'm sharing three empowering tips to boost your journey, regardless of where you're starting from.

Here's what you'll learn watching the video:

  • Reconnect with Your Why: Dive deep into your passion for dietetics. What drives you? Understanding this will be your anchor through every high and low. 

  • Embrace Your Unique Path: Whether you're about taking small steps or making giant leaps, discover how to progress at a pace that resonates with you. Flexibility is key, and it's all about what works best for your vision. 

  • Leverage Support and Resources: From the cheering of family and friends to the accountability of dedicated programs, find out how to surround yourself with the right support. Plus, I'll show you why blending clinical expertise with business savvy is a game-changer.

Catch the full episode on...

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Start Your Dietitian Private Practice Without Quitting your Job


Dreaming of launching your own dietitian private practice without waving goodbye to your day job? We've got your back! Dive into the world of side hustle success with us, where we make juggling your career and passion not just possible, but enjoyable.

This week, we're sharing golden nuggets from the journeys of dietitians like you who've paved the way. From the inspiring Carol who navigated the ups and downs to build her dream practice, to actionable insights on balancing your current job with your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll uncover:

  • Effective Strategies: Build your private practice without sacrificing your day job.

  • Real Success Stories: Get motivated by dietitians who've been in your shoes.

  • Goal Setting: Learn the importance of aligning your career with your personal ambitions.

  • Step-by-Step Guide: From being an employee to embracing full-time entrepreneurship.

  • Community Support: Discover the perks of joining the Dietitian Boss...

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Liability Insurance for Dietitians: Are You Covered?

Starting your career as a dietitian is a new and exciting chapter in your life, but it also requires you to learn aspects of running a business you had never thought of before. Your days might be spent exploring new accounting concepts and different marketing tactics to grow your client base. One feature that is essential for your business—but can feel extremely complicated—is insurance. Every dietitian practice has to have it, but there are a lot of options out there and it’s not always easy to know which policy will be the best choice. 

This guide will dive into liability insurance for dietitians, including what it covers and why you need it. Don’t get intimidated by confusing insurance jargon—with a few tips, you’ll become a pro at picking out plans that keep you protected!

What Is Liability Insurance? 

Liability insurance protects your business if it is sued. If someone files a lawsuit against your dietitian business, they can...

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3 Website Tricks to Land More Clients for an Online Dietitian


Are you eager to harness the power of online marketing to attract clients to your website? Look no further! Our latest blog post is packed with invaluable tips and strategies to supercharge your website for client conversion. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, these insights are your ticket to success. We kick things off by stressing the importance of a crystal-clear message that speaks directly to your audience's needs. Dive into real-world examples from thriving dietitian businesses to see effective messaging in action. Plus, learn why customer-centric copy and imagery are game-changers for engagement. But wait, there's more! We'll let you in on a little secret to skyrocketing sales: offering a seamless purchasing experience right on your website. No more waiting for sales calls—just pure, uninterrupted conversions. Ready to transform your website into a client-converting machine? Dive into the blog post now and watch our linked video for even more insider tips. Your...

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Enhance Onboarding for Dietitian Practice Growth


Dozens of dietitians every week ask me how to start an online dietitian membership program. I get it: the idea is popular. After all, we have a membership and we know how beneficial and rewarding this business model has proven to become.

In this week's FREE video, I guide you through the key elements of onboarding students for your online dietitian membership program. I'll show you how creating a scalable program can elevate your private practice, emphasizing the importance of community, content, or a hybrid approach.

I'll share an example of an onboarding email, underlining the significance of setting clear expectations and maintaining open communication with your members. 

Building strong relationships through regular engagement enhances satisfaction and boosts retention. If you're considering a membership, join our Library for valuable resources and step-by-step guidance.

What you will learn from watching:

  • Importance of creating an online membership program...

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10-Minute Daily Instagram Marketing for Dietitians


Growing on Instagram taking hours a week? Have you given up or feel discouraged to even start? You are not alone!

In this week's FREE video, I guide online dietitians on maximizing Instagram marketing in just 10 minutes a day. I stress the importance of overcoming perfectionism in content creation, advocating for consistency to build lasting habits. After all, habits help you create more impact and build the business of your dreams.

Using Instagram stories and showing your face fosters trust. I introduce the efficiency of content banks and templates from our Library membership. 

The core strategy is engaging authentically with the Instagram community—responding to comments, liking, and sending genuine direct messages. Building relationships through commonalities and participating in relevant conversations informs content creation. 

I made a video on this topic that you can watch here:

What you will learn from watching:

  • Overcoming perfectionism in...

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How to Land a Virtual Dietitian Job by Mastering these Interview Questions


Interviewing for a virtual dietitian job can feel scary. Feeling clueless? I got you.

I share valuable insights on handling common and tricky interview questions for virtual dietitian positions. After all, many of our clients work a virtual dietitian position WHILE building their private practice so we understand your need to build multiple skill sets. 

I remember my last interview for a virtual dietitian job where I was asked about my background and decision making skills and I want to share HOW I answered these questions and landed my role to save you time. 

I cover questions about how to answer when asked about your educational background, critical skills for clinical dietitians, patient-centered care, staying current with research, managing ethical dilemmas, and handling challenging patient cases. 

I made a video on this topic that you can watch here:

What you will learn from watching:

  • Techniques for effectively answering common and tricky interview...

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The Highest-Paying Dietitian Jobs and How to Get One

“Dietitian” isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. Dietitians work in a variety of settings from hospitals to private practices depending on their interests and expertise. As you look to grow your dietitian career, it’s extremely important to periodically think about your personal and professional goals and how your current career path lines up with them. Do you have student loans? Are you working the hours you prefer? Are you able to enjoy the lifestyle you’re dreaming of? We know how passionate you are about people—but don’t forget that you matter, too!

The fact is, all dietitians are invested in helping others, and they also deserve to earn a good salary. With the right job, you can do both. Check some of the highest-paying dietitian jobs to see if they would be a good fit for you. 

Director of Nutrition

This professional works within an organization to ensure adequate meal planning, health education, and sanitation practices. Directors of...

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Scale Your Dietitian Private Practice in 3 Steps


Want to get more clients without a side of burnout? You want to learn the principles to scale your online dietitian business. 

Luckily I share a ton of tips for free. 

A recap of this video that can watch here:

I share insights on the crucial aspects of scaling a dietitian private practice. I delve into the reasons why scaling is important, such as increased income potential, enhanced reputation, business sustainability, and improved efficiency. I provide real-world examples of successful dietitians who have effectively scaled their practices and diversified their revenue streams to help you learn the possibilities. 

Throughout the video, I guide viewers through the strategic process of scaling, emphasizing the need for clear goals, market research, and leveraging technology. I stress the importance of continuous monitoring and evaluation, encouraging dietitians to adapt to market changes, manage your finances effectively, and prioritize customer feedback. If...

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Start Your Dietitian Private Private Practice after Taking Time Off from Working


Take a break from your dietitian private practice?

I'm speaking directly to dietitians ready to revive their private practice after a hiatus. Feeling a bit anxious is normal, and I've got your back with practical steps to help you overcome challenges and maximize your potential so you can create more impact and become visible in your space.

Well, maybe you want to learn how to do this? 

Firstly, pinpoint your "why" – a clear purpose will be your anchor during tough days. 

Next, define "what" you'll sell, whether it's online coaching, an e-book, or insurance services. Keep it simple initially and focus on feedback to enhance your offering.

Reflect on your strengths. Take free online tests like Myers-Briggs to understand your unique traits. Leverage these strengths in your business, whether it's writing, speaking, or another skill that sets you apart. 

What you will learn from watching this weeks video found here:

  • Overcoming anxiety and...

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