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A four year program that teaches business skills to support scaling your business. Commitment includes a 6 month cycle.


Scale your Business with our proven roadmap 

If you're feeling stuck in your dietitian private practice, know that you are not alone.

The tactics that support you in growing your business differ from the skills you need to scale. 

If you're feeling stuck in your dietitian private practice, know that you are not alone. The majority of private practice operators at this stage feel the same way you do right now.

You don’t have to work 40+ hours per week to scale your private practice. Instead, you need to be hiring help, reviewing your numbers, creating processes, and managing your energy, not to mention setting clear quarterly and annual goals. 

As someone who has started and scaled an online business, I understand your feelings. It’s tough.

You’re probably working long hours, feeling like you’re constantly behind, second-guessing every decision you make, and tired. But the truth is, if you want to scale your business, you have to be willing to do uncomfortable and even scary things (like reading your financials and making your first three hires).

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Wishes do come true! You will be able to:

  • Follow a clear, proven process to help you make $10-70k a month (consistently)
  • Set up systems to decrease working hours 
  • Set your goals for the quarter and know what to do when 
  • Improve your decision making and problem solving skills to run your business with ease 
  • Improve your program to get better results and create offers your clients want to buy to increase retention

Could this be the start of getting your time back?

Imagine if...

  • You integrated passive products into your practice and learned how to launch with a system in place
  • Your had a resource of peers and mentors who have been in your shoes

  • You dedicated only a few hours a week to learning business to feel more confident about operating your practice

  • You learn strategic practices and take regular assessments to identify how far you have progressed (and what to do next)
  • Your business operates without you because of the systems and leadership you have put into place

And the good news?

you only need a few hours a week!

Introducing Executive Mastermind

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Join the Executive Mastermind, designed specifically for dietitian private practice operators who want to scale up to 10K+ months while working 20 hours a week!  

An annual mastermind where full time dietitian private practice operators and like you get the step-by-step framework to grow and scale your dietitian private practice with a plan.

When you join, you will receive a signature 9 module (~20 hour) curriculum following our proprietary system.

Our signature course comes with exercises, worksheets, templates and plug and play documents to speed up your process.

Once you systems are in place you can scale your practice and enjoy your lifestyle.

Our team has served over 1000+ registered dietitians who have grown and scaled their practice by following the Dietitian Boss teachings.



I earned my highest months of revenue 

Talking about my goals in this program has helped me become more formulaic.




I reached my highest revenue month while working only 20 hours a week!

I created a flexible lifestyle and specific method for my clients with hypothyroidism and PCOS. 



What's waiting for you inside

Self-Paced Video Training 

Gain access to our scaling curriculum. You have access to the content with a custom assessment to pace your progress and dozens of templates & exercises. 

Live Monthly Training  

We rotate topics and our founder Libby teaches live business topics related to scaling every month in a lecture formal (Q&A offered + replay).

Amazing Community with weekly support

With weekly support we hold you accountable in our private Facebook Group. We offer unlimited questions and answers to help you get un-stuck.

Private Coaching Calls


Every month you get a 50 minute coaching call to support progress. You get access to 1 private call a month. Calls rotate with a team member specializing in your needs (hiring, marketing, mindset, sales, program design, etc). 

Monthly Mastermind Calls

Every month you get access to a live, 90 minute call to present a topic you're working on and get support from your peers and our team. Each mastermind call is recorded and you learn alongside your peers to deepen your networking  and collaboration skills. 

Quarterly Goal Setting Calls

Every quarter we look at breaking down your goals into actionable steps so you have an action plan and know how to prioritize. You to get customized feedback and create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and blends the big picture with your day to day operations. 

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What you will learn

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Self Awareness

Take the quiz to learn your stage of business and set realistic goals. Lay down the foundations for your mission, vision and values and create boundaries. 

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Process Management

Identify what processes you need to create and prioritize to support a foundation to scale. Identify what system you will use for electronic organization and communication (i.e a project management system).

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Annual Goals

Create a clear annual goal. Once you have defined your annual goal we work together to break down quarterly goals so you know exactly what to focus on and when to support reaching your longer term goals. You feel focused.  

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Cash Flow

Create a system to review your finances. Identify your profit and loss statement and analyze what to improve to reach your goals. Set an annual budget and make decisions for your business growth based on your budget first. 

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Energy Management

Fill out time management tools such as tracker and ideal days so you're aware of your energy level and what to delegate first. Practice a delegation mindset to prepare to handoff tasks so you can scale your company with systems in place. 

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Revenue Opportunities 

Audit your existing offer(s) and evaluate what to improve with your current offerings to support your goal. Using our proven framework make adjustments to your program and setup systems to scale with feedback and documentation. 

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Staff Hiring

Setup systems to make your first hire from writing a job description to the interview an onboard process. Learn how to lead contractors and/or employees and develop a company culture that people are proud to represent. 

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Automated Sales

Identify what systems you have for your sales funnel and make improvements. For sales pages: identify copy adjustments and conversion rates. For sales calls: implement our 25 point scoring system to close more leads. We also show you how to lead a sales team and train them how to enroll your clients. 

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Marketing Expansion 

Identify and improve your marketing strategy. Document what processes work and set goals to optimize and/or expand marketing platforms. Create processes to improve and delegate content creation so you can get your time back. 

Student Case Study: Ashley

I earned my highest months of revenue.

When I started, I made financial projections, but I also needed to break it down further. Without doing this, I wouldn’t be able to add more people to my team and figure out that part

Talking about goals in the group calls has really helped me be more formulaic. I didn’t see that path until I worked with Libby and her team through this program.

I increased revenue by 20 to 50 percent. I learned a more targeted approach and I earned my highest months of revenue. 

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Student Case Study: Carol Aguirre

Any dietitian looking to start or grow their practice should participate in Libby’s Dietitian Boss program.

Libby’s program exceeded my expectations. The program provided me with help in defining and executing my business goals.
Every session provided me with opportunities to explore my ideas, getting valuable feedback. Libby’s program is both informative and supportive.  

Program Investment


  • 9 Self-Paced Training Modules with projects 
  • Our my time-saving templates and checklists
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Monthly private coaching calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Live training on business topics (pending CEUs) for 1 hour a month 
  • Quarterly goal setting call 
  • Access to team members including the founder and specialists with marketing, sales, program design, hiring and private practice clinical skills.


Payments of $1600 USD (for a 12 month commitment) 



One time payment of $17,000 USD (for a 12 month commitment)



I hit my first 10k month ever

I joined Dietitian Boss after "bootstrapping" my business for over a year. Within the first week, Libby helped me make adjustments to my business, and I hit my first 10k month ever. Since then, I've continued to get frequent help to scale my business and offer new services to my clients. Libby and her team have shown me that it's possible to achieve big dreams and help more people, all while working flexible hours.

~ Megan 



This program is life changing 

I've made over $17,000 and learned how to focus on what's important. I love the Dietitian Boss trainings.

~ Temple 


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Need some peace of mind?

If you put in the work, we offer you a guarantee. Our goal is to help you create a thriving business. If, after 30 days of active participation in the program, you don't feel it's the right fit, you can request a refund. You will need to send your completed coursework and complete all of the guarantee conditions to show that you've participated, but it isn't working for you. You have until day 30 to submit your refund request. After that time, you will no longer be eligible for the guarantee. See our full guidelines and guarantee conditions

Program Investment


  • Live 1 hour monthly trainings on highly requested topics to help you set systems down to scale (every month)
  • 9 Self-Paced Training Modules (valued at $2400)
  • Navigational roadmap with a exercises and a quiz to score your stage of business and learn where to start first
  • Our my time-saving templates and checklists 
  • Once a month Live Mastermind Calls to get coached with peers (lead by our staff)
  • Private Facebook Community with weekday support (priceless!)
  • Private monthly calls with both coach Heather and our founder Libby based on topic/your unique needs.


Payments of $1600 USD (for a 12 month commitment) 



One time payment of $17,000 USD (for a 12 month commitment)


Your Transformation Guru: Dr. Heather

Digital nomad, Naturopathic doctor, coach, Passionate about healing 

Dr. Heather Paulson is our lead Instructor here at Dietitian Boss. She has run a virtual practice and brick-and-mortar clinic since 2010.

Heather has taken a sabbatical from her Naturopathic Oncology practice to travel the world with a Peruvian Shaman to teach healing methods.

She lives in Peru to continue training in these ancient healing techniques.

What excites her the most is supporting registered dietitians on their journey and seeing them grow by helping them identify limiting beliefs.

Heather is a master healer, mindset guru, and she uses the Dietitian Boss teachings to support our clients to reach their lifestyle goals and create more impact.

Your Scaling Expert: Libby Rothschild

Digital CEO, Founder, Wife, Registered Dietitian, Passionate about accessible education and a 4 day work week.

My beginnings started as a low paid, undervalued clinical dietitian where I had to stand up for myself and create my own cash pay business on my own.

I have grown my nutrition consulting business from building relationships. I have spoken in front of 100's of people talking about nutrition 

I scaled my online company to a million dollars in annual revenues and have supported several registered dietitian clients to rise above the ordinary.

I created the proven framework to support you alongside with the staff to take a team approach to helping you create meaningful work and live life on your own schedule with a flexible lifestyle.

Without implementing scaling principles you will always be chasing your tail and holding onto work without receiving the benefits you deserve: freedom and meaning. Let us show you how to become resilient.