How to Use AI in Your Dietetics Practice with Abigail Keeso

Welcome to the Dietitian Boss podcast! I'm Libby Rothschild, a dietitian boss and CEO. In this episode, I share insights on growing your dietitian business. Today, I'm excited to interview Abigail Keeso, Practice Better's Chief Growth Officer and co-founder of That Clean Life. Abigail and I discuss how AI is revolutionizing dietetics by saving time and improving clinical decision-making. We dive into AI's applications in charting, patient education, and marketing, while emphasizing the importance of using HIPAA-compliant AI tools. We also explore the benefits of using an all-in-one EHR like Practice Better.


Abigail Keeso is Practice Better’s Chief Growth Officer and co-founder of That Clean Life. While working at a pediatric hospital as a registered nurse, Abigail started healthy eating challenges and curating meal plans for fellow nurses during long shifts. This quickly caught fire, turning into a passion project that eventually became That Clean Life, a nutrition planning tool designed specifically for health and wellness professionals. That Clean Life was acquired by Practice Better last year.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Explanation of what AI is and why it's important for dietitians.
  • Ways AI can be used to streamline tasks, save time, and improve clinical decision-making.
  • Examples of AI being used for clinical decision-making, such as predicting sepsis and detecting rare immune diseases.
  • Importance of using HIPAA-compliant AI solutions.
  • Features like AI dictation and AI charting assistant to help dietitians save time and enhance their workflow.
  • How these tools can help dietitians complete charting faster, save time, and potentially increase earnings.
  • Using AI to write social media posts, blog content, and newsletters.
  • Tips on making AI-generated content sound more personalized and unique.
  • Benefits of using an all-in-one EHR that embraces AI, such as Practice Better.
  • How integrating AI into your practice can save time and money.
  • Advice on choosing the right EHR and ensuring it's HIPAA-compliant.
  • How AI can support client education by enriching nutrition plans with health insights.
  • Creating courses, membership subscriptions, and other forms of passive income using AI.
  • Examples of how dietitians are successfully building programs and generating recurring revenue.

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