How to Minimize Time on Scheduling and Billing with Abigail Keeso

Join us as we dive into the essential strategies for growing your business as a registered dietitian. If you're seeking flexibility and freedom in your career, this episode is packed with insights on effective time management, scheduling, and billing practices. Libby Rothschild, founder of Dietitian Boss and Abigail Keeso, Practice Better’s Chief Growth Officer and co-founder of That Clean Life, discusses the highs and lows of business growth, featuring over 200 client interviews that share their journeys and successes. 


Abigail Keeso is Practice Better’s Chief Growth Officer and co-founder of That Clean Life. While working at a pediatric hospital as a registered nurse, Abigail started healthy eating challenges and curating meal plans for fellow nurses during long shifts. This quickly caught fire, turning into a passion project that eventually became That Clean Life, a nutrition planning tool designed specifically for health and wellness professionals. That Clean Life was acquired by Practice Better last year.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Importance of scheduling and billing for dietitians in private practice.
  • High-level explanation of scheduling (patient booking) and billing (getting paid).
  • Challenges dietitians face with scheduling and billing and potential solutions.
  • Importance of time management for dietitians, especially in private practice.
  • Tips for effective time management, such as using to-do lists and organizing days with tools like Trello.
  • Benefits of time blocking and setting up a calendar that works for practitioners.
  • The significance of providing a great client experience to grow your business.
  • Breakdown of client experience, including initial interactions, intake process, ease of scheduling and billing, and overall service delivery.
  • The role of feedback in improving client experience and attracting more clients.
  • Recommendations for using EHR (Electronic Health Records) like Practice Better to streamline administrative tasks.
  • Advice on creating and using programs or courses to save time and generate additional revenue.
  • Importance of prioritizing tasks that move the needle and maintaining motivation as an entrepreneur.
  • The value of having a support group or accountability partner for success.

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