The 6 Best Dietitian Apps to Use With Clients

Welcome to the Dietitian Boss podcast! Join me, Libby Rothschild, creator of Dietitian Boss, as I share insights on building your private practice. Today, I'm diving into the six best dietitian apps for client success. From meal planning with Eat Love to managing finances with QuickBooks, we've got you covered. Plus, learn how Canva can enhance your social media presence. Tune in and elevate your practice!

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Creating a private practice using a proprietary system
  • Building relationships, marketing, and sales strategies
  • Recommended dietitian apps for private practice
  • Benefits of using specific tools for logistical and administrative tasks
  • Overview and features of EatLove meal planning tool
  • Introduction to Practice Better as an electronic medical record system
  • Using MyPlate for dietary guidance and personalized meal plans
  • Utilizing Canva for creating graphics and digital assets
  • Managing finances using QuickBooks or alternative tools like Wave
  • Considerations for making business decisions based on financial data
  • Importance of using tools like ChatGPT for client interaction and content creation

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