Licensing and Protected Titles in Multiple States: Grow your Dietitian Business with lawyer Danielle Liss

In this episode, join us as we dive into the legal intricacies of dietitian businesses with our special guest Danielle Liss, who also happens to be our team lawyer. We've extracted valuable insights from one of our private calls in the Dietitian Boss Library, where Danielle sheds light on crucial questions about protecting your dietitian business. From understanding state-specific regulations to navigating the fine line between nutrition education and counseling, Danielle provides actionable advice to legitimize your practice. Plus, learn how to market your services effectively without running afoul of legal restrictions on titles and services. Tune in for expert guidance on safeguarding your business and serving your clients ethically and effectively.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Understand the legal considerations for dietitian businesses
  • Learn about protected titles and state-specific regulations for dietitians
  • Explore how to navigate practice exclusivity states and exceptions
  • Discover strategies for marketing without violating legal restrictions on titles and services
  • Gain insights into the boundaries between nutrition education and personalized nutrition recommendations

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