How to Start a Dietitian Private Practice

In this episode, I, Libby Rothschild, share my journey from the confines of a clinical office to empowering dietitians to build their private practices. With almost four years spent in a dimly lit, windowless room, I yearned for work that truly mattered. Thus, I created a program that guides dietitians in establishing their own practices from scratch. Drawing from my experience of juggling a private practice with a full-time job, I offer insights into building relationships, effective marketing, and sales strategies. In each episode, I delve into key topics like market research, identifying ideal clients, and crafting unique selling propositions, guiding aspiring dietitian entrepreneurs towards success in the ever-evolving landscape of nutrition entrepreneurship. Join me on the Dietitian Boss podcast, where we embark on an empowering journey of entrepreneurship in the world of nutrition.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Understanding the benefits of starting a dietitian private practice

  • Researching the market and ideal client

  • Learning from successful dietitian businesses

  • Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Attracting clients through referrals

  • Considering coaching for growth

Connect with Libby:

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