Is Becoming a Dietitian Worth It?

In this episode, Dietitian Boss and CEO Libby Rothschild, creator of Dietitian Boss, an RD herself, acknowledges the challenges of the profession. These include low pay and lack of respect, particularly in entry-level clinical jobs. Additionally, some RDs may find themselves pressured to endorse practices they disagree with, and the educational path can be expensive with unpaid internships.

However, Libby highlights the bright side. Private practice allows RDs more control over their careers. They can set their hours, be their boss, and practice a philosophy of nutrition they believe in. There are also diverse career options beyond clinical settings, including corporate management, consulting, and sports nutrition.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Registered dietitians (RDs) have diverse career options beyond traditional clinical settings, including corporate wellness, consulting, sports nutrition, and media.
  • Despite the rewards of the field, only 8% of RDs pursue entrepreneurship through private practice ownership.
  • Common challenges for RDs include low wages, especially for entry-level positions, significant student loan debt due to expensive educational requirements with unpaid internships, and a sense of undervaluing from other healthcare professionals.
  • Some RDs in clinical settings experience boredom, low professional respect, and pressure to endorse practices that conflict with their personal philosophies (e.g., weight loss focus).
  • Establishing a private practice can be further hindered by a workplace culture that undervalues nutrition or the requirement to adhere to practices an RD disagrees with.
  • Data on RD career satisfaction is limited, but one study suggests a concerningly low average happiness rating.
  • The path to becoming an RD is rigorous, demanding a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and completion of an unpaid internship. Additionally, most states require licensure for practice.
  • Private practice offers RDs significant advantages, including greater control over their careers, flexibility in scheduling, the ability to be their own boss, and the freedom to practice their own evidence-based nutrition philosophy.

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