Intellectual Property and Trademarks: How to Be Factual with Your Dietitian Business with Lawyer Danielle Liss

In this episode, the host discusses the importance of being factual and legally compliant when running a dietitian business, especially when presenting information about food and supplements.  Danielle Liss, a lawyer, shares insights on intellectual property and trademarks for dietitians. The episode covers topics such as using pictures of branded food packaging in course content and on social media. Danielle emphasizes the need to be positive and avoid making negative statements online, as they can have lasting consequences.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Understand the significance of presenting information factually in your dietitian business, especially when dealing with brand logos and food companies.
  • Gain insights on intellectual property and trademarks in the context of setting up a successful dietitian business.
  • Learn about the enduring nature of negative statements on the internet, particularly in the context of the food industry, and why it's crucial to maintain a positive online presence.
  • Learn tips and tidbits on remaining legally compliant in your dietitian business, ensuring that your actions align with intellectual property laws and trademarks.
  • Understand the use pictures of branded food packaging in course content and on social media, with a focus on being factual and avoiding negative implications.

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