What I'm doing To Take time off of Dietitian Business Coaching during my Fourth Trimester (Maternity Leave Planning)

In this episode, listen in as I reveal my strategy for taking time off for my fourth trimester as a business owner and dietitian at Dietitian Boss. Discover how my shift to a membership model and employing a team of coaches ensures the smooth running of the business while I am away. You'll learn about the critical role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the value of fostering a culture of ownership and problem-solving among the team. I’ll also share how implementing systems and documentation have prepared me and my business for this important life transition.

Join me as I reflect on the unexpected opportunities and growth maternity leave has brought to my business, Team Dietitian Boss. Find out how delegating and trusting more in my staff in anticipation of my time off has positively impacted the team. Plus, get a taste of what our monthly membership can do for you in growing your private practice. You'll also be kept in the loop with updates on my maternity leave and the evolution of Team Dietitian Boss. Tune in and learn how you too can successfully navigate personal life transitions while maintaining business growth.

"A really healthy business has systems in place so the business owner doesn't have to do everything because it's not really sustainable or fun"

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of having systems in place in a business
  • The role of the business owner in the initial stages of a business
  • The evolution of the business owner's involvement over time
  • The necessity of a business owner's reduced involvement in certain areas, such as customer support, as the business grows
  • The pivotal role of the business owner during the inception phase of a business In the early stages of a business

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