Is Pursuing a Dietitian Business in 2024 Worthwhile

In this episode, Dietitian Boss CEO Libby Rothschild talks is it worth to start a dietitian business in 2024? Listen in as I tackle this important question, exploring the challenges dietitians often face, including lower pay scales and limited job opportunities. I discuss the need for business skills to negotiate higher pay or even start a private practice, and the 2024 master's mandate, which requires new dietitians to have a master's degree. Despite these hurdles, I believe the pursuit of a dietitian business is still a viable and rewarding option, and I highlight the growing opportunities within the field.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The potential of dietitian entrepreneurship in 2024 and why it could be a worthwhile pursuit despite challenges.
  • Challenges faced by dietitians such as lower pay scales, limited job opportunities, and the 2024 master's mandate.
  • The importance of understanding the regulations, code of ethics, and the essence of continuous learning in clinical and business skills.
  • The exciting aspects and benefits of private practice in dietetics, including career growth and financial independence.
  • The opportunities and challenges of starting a dietitian business and how to turn these hurdles into opportunities.
  • How to negotiate higher pay or start a private practice as a dietitian.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being a registered dietician.
  • The importance of continuously updating clinical and business skills in the field of dietetics.
  • The potential judgment that may come with pursuing a dietician business in 2024 and how to deal with it.
  • The need for resilience and a strong support system when pursuing a career in dietetics.
  • The current landscape of the dietetics field and the increasing opportunities available.
  • The importance of staying updated with licensure laws, scope of practice and clinical skills.

Connect with Libby:

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