How to Become a Registered Dietitian & Start Your Online Business

In this episode, Dietitian Boss Coach Heather and Allison Andrade, a newly minted dietitian with a heartfelt journey.  As we speak with Allison, you'll hear about the unique experiences that shaped her career, starting from her athletic background that sparked her interest in nutrition, to a family experience with celiac disease that prompted her to further pursue her passion. Embarking on her new endeavor as an entrepreneur, They talk about her motives behind starting a business, imparting crucial insights on the importance of mentors and investing in oneself. 

"The importance of having mentors and investing in oneself for professional growth."


Allison is a new dietitian who does both inpatient and outpatient work, and recently won dietetic intern of the year in her state. She is passionate about women's health, functional nutrition, and eventually starting her private practice. With an additional background in fine arts, she hopes to combine her two worlds of science and art to create content, materials and more for her ideal clients. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of having mentors and investing in oneself for professional growth.
  • The significance of continuous growth and development in the field of dietetics.
  • Tips on how to navigate the challenging times of being a dietitian intern and a new dietitian.
  • The value of community support and the need to be compassionate with oneself during the learning process.
  • Insights on how to navigate the start of a business, especially in the field of nutrition.
  • The benefits of incorporating functional nutrition into a private practice.
  • The importance of exploring your passions and seeking out mentors in the field of dietetics.

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