Grow Your Dietitian Business by becoming a Therapist with Dietitian Boss Zhaleh Gazori

In this episode, Dietitian Boss CEO Libby Rothschild and our amazing client Zhaleh Gazori, a veteran dietitian with over 25 years of experience, a diabetic educator for 22 years, and a current student in health psychology aiming to become a therapist. We touch on Zhaleh's profound passion for working with the bariatric community and obesity in children and adolescents. Discover the changes and challenges she has faced in her journey, the surprising aspect of dietetics that initially caught her off guard, and her perspectives on these challenges today.

"You never want to ask your clients, do you have questions. You always want to ask, what questions do you have? That was a lot of information what questions do you have? Because then you're assuming that they have questions and they feel safe to ask them."

Zhaleh has been an RD for over 25 years and a Diabetic Educator for 22 years. She is currently in school to get her Masters on Health Psychology and then further pursue her license to become a therapist. Her passion in working within the Bariatric community as well as working with obesity in children and adolescents. She connects with her clients through compassion, humor, and active listening to help them achieve their personal goals.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The evolution and challenges of the field of dietetics over the last couple of decades.
  • The importance of motivational interviewing and client-centered counseling in dietetics.
  • The importance of bridging the gap between motivational interviewing and therapeutic counseling for dietitians.
  • The significance of collaborating with specialists outside of their scope of practice to provide the best service to clients.
  • Practical tips on managing time and creating revenue streams in the dietitian field.

Connect with Zhaleh:

Connect with Libby:

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