The State of Private Practice for Registered Dietitians with Jennifer McGurk

In this episode, Libby and Jennifer delve into various aspects of private practice and dietetics. They explore challenges and opportunities related to insurance, stress the importance of scalable business models, and address barriers dietitians may encounter. Their discussion encompasses finding effective systems, managing technology, shifting mindsets, and offering examples and inspiration to help dietitians broaden their business prospects. Additionally, they highlight the potential of private practice for flexible income generation in today's economy and underscore the role of social media in business growth, advocating for mindful usage and setting boundaries.

"Scaling your private practice with scalable offers can create additional revenue streams and reach more clients."

BIO: Jennifer McGurk RDN, CDN, CEDS-S is the founder and CEO of Pursuing Private Practice. She began her career in business as a private practice dietitian. She grew her private practice into a group practice and eventually expanded into speaking, offering workshops, and supervising other professionals. She started Pursuing Private Practice to address the demand for business education and coaching within the professional community. Jennifer's passion and determination to empower other business owners has helped hundreds of clients in Business School and in the EXPAND business coaching program. Pursuing Private Practice is a top-rated business podcast. Jennifer's mission is to encourage others to take up space in business!


What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Insurance in private practice can reduce barriers to access care but also comes with challenges like billing and dealing with insurance companies.
  • Scaling your private practice with scalable offers (courses, group programs, workshops) can create additional revenue streams and help you reach more clients.
  • Barriers to adopting scalable offers may include a lack of examples in the field, fear of technology, and mindset shifts.
  • Learning the skills of program design, managing feedback mechanisms, and improving systems are crucial for successfully implementing scalable offers.
  • Private practice offers significant flexibility and income potential, making it suitable for those seeking additional earnings, especially during economic downturns.
  • The scalability of private practice allows practitioners to start small and gradually expand their client base.
  • Social media is becoming increasingly important for business growth, but it's essential to use it strategically and mindfully.
  • Effective use of social media involves understanding various platforms and tailoring content to reach the ideal audience.
  • Maintaining boundaries with social media usage is crucial to prevent it from negatively impacting mental health and productivity.

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