Top 5 Ethical Considerations while Active on Social Media


In this episode, Dietitian Boss Method creator and CEO Libby Rothschild, an Award-winning internationally accredited registered dietitian for communications and education consulting services Drew Hemler talks about 5 ethical considerations on social media.

“ Make sure you think critically about what you post on social media and the impact that it can potentially have on the public because dietitians are here to protect the public.” 


Drew Hemler is an award-winning, internationally accredited registered dietitian providing communications & education consulting services for individual, non-profit & corporate clientele throughout Ontario, Canada & the U.S for more than seven years. Drew serves as faculty member of Buffalo State University’s undergraduate Dietetics and graduate Multidisciplinary Studies programs, helping build student & practitioner know-why & know-how in scope, standards, and ethics in dietetics practice. He's served as a board member, consultant, and volunteer for state & national dietetic organizations for more than 10 years now, including the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the Academy’s Committee for Lifelong Learning, the Electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology platform, the College of Dietitians of Ontario, Dietitians of Canada, and the New York State Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. He celebrates dietitians in all areas of practice and is a proud, active Fellow of the Academy and the State University of New York’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

 What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How do we approach social media in a proficient, ethical manner
  • What is the importance of ethics on social media
  • What are the top 5 ethics on social media
  • How to handle reaction videos, slander, defamation of character
  • What is a content credibility 
  • What is an intellectual property 
  • What are the tips for using social media for networking in an ethical manner

Connect with Drew:

Connect with Libby:

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