Dealing With Stress and Building Your Business As A Type A Personality with Jess Serdikoff

Episode #50

In today’s episode the Dietitian Boss podcast welcomes Jessica Serdikoff, RDN. Jess Serdikoff is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and coach for fellow RDs. Her background in mentoring nutrition students, dietetic interns, and new RDs showed her how many future and current dietitians struggle with the same perfectionism and lack of confidence she, herself felt when she was new to the field. Drawing from her passions in intuitive living and personal connection, she now specializes in empowering new RDs with three years of experience or less diffuse stress and build confidence so they can finally start turning their vision for themselves and their lives, personally and professionally into reality. Connect with her on Instagram at @empowering.dietitians!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How being a Type A personality was holding her back.  3:35
  • Deciding to shift away from traditional nutrition counseling to help other dietitians. 5:15
  • The importance of implementing self care and time management techniques. 5:39
  • Coming to the mindset of needing “Me Time”.  8:21
  • What she learned working with Libby. 12:05
  • How learning to tell a story and being more concise has helped her. 13:40
  • The importance of niching down and how it is always evolving. 18:25

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