Grow your Online Dietitian Business by Knowing your Finances

In this weeks video, I dive into the essential aspect of growing your online dietitian business, understanding your finances. 

As an online dietitian, financial awareness is crucial for making strategic decisions, hiring, and preventing burnout. The first step involves diligently tracking your income and expenses, even on a simple Excel sheet. Knowing your numbers empowers you to set realistic budgets and make informed decisions for business growth. 

Additionally, being financially savvy opens the door to increasing your pricing strategically, ensuring you're adequately compensated for your services. I share how this knowledge supports making impactful decisions, from hiring to cutting costs, ultimately fostering confidence and success in your online dietitian journey.

What you will learn from watching this weeks video:

  • Track your income and expenses, even on a simple Excel sheet.

  • Understand the importance of setting a budget to make informed business...

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