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Join the Executive Mastermind, designed specifically for dietitian private practice operators who want $30-$70k months working 20 hours a week!

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Join the Executive Mastermind, designed specifically for dietitian private practice operators who want to scale to having up to 50K+ months while working 20 hours a week!

The tactics that support you in growing your business differ from the skills you need to scale.

If you're feeling stuck in your dietitian private practice, know that you are not alone. The majority of private practice operators at this stage feel the same way you do right now.

You don’t have to work 40+ hours per week to scale your private practice. Instead, you need to be hiring help, reviewing your numbers, creating processes for customer service, and managing your energy, not to mention setting clear quarterly and annual goals.

As someone who has started and scaled an online business, I understand your feelings. It’s tough. You’re probably working long hours, feeling like you’re constantly behind, second-guessing every decision you make, and tired. But the truth is, if you want to scale your business, you have to be willing to do uncomfortable and even scary things (like reading your financials and making your first three hires).

Know you are not alone...

I, too, tried many times and hit numerous ROADBLOCKS such as hiring well, managing our team, and documenting processes.

Hard work won’t help you grow your business.

But does that mean building a large team, working around the clock, and investing heavily in advertising? Not necessarily. In fact, there are several ways to scale a business without going to extremes.

For example, you can focus on automating processes, refining your marketing strategy, and reviewing your offer to retain more clients. By taking a more strategic approach to scaling, you'll be able to get the results you want without putting your business (and yourself) under too much strain.

Don't take our word for it, see what other dietitian bosses are saying!

When I started, I made financial projections, and then you all brought in the reality part. So, I’ve been through projections for a while, but I also needed to look at the reality side of really breaking down where all the time spent in the programs, and without knowing this, I wouldn’t be able to add more people to my team and figure out that part. So the logistics and the operations, looking at projections are great to start with, looking where you are, how far off from goals, and what you need to adjust as part of the strategy.

Talking about goals in the group calls has really helped me be more formulaic. I didn’t see that path until I worked with Libby and Sara through the program. I was kind of going with the fluctuations of the season. Some of the winter months will get slower and then capitalize on the spring months. But after working with Libby and Sara on figuring out where most of the leads were coming from and then optimizing that and starting on things like google ads. The more that I’ve focused on that, the more that I was able to see where most of my traffic was coming from and was able to build off that in kind of see if I increase my efforts here, I can increase it by you know by 20 to 50 percent. So, it’s more of a planned out thing rather than just guessing or going with like ups and downs of things, a more targeted approach.

The positive outcome of focusing on goals is that I’ve seen a very positive impact for November and December. I think for myself, and definitely for most dietitians, it tends to be lower months because people spend a lot of time with family. However, implementing this has been my highest months of revenue. So, I just realized that you just change your strategy during the lower months; you don’t necessarily have to be subject to the fluctuation if you know your strategy well.

~ Ashley Hurst

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried taking people privately but you can't figure out how to make a group program work, or you don't know how to scale/expand a group program to help more people.
  • You’ve tried doing it all yourself and you work a 40 hours+ work week but you don't love doing “all the things” like admin.
  • You tried hiring help but you don't know how to manage or create systems around managing people.
  • You have tried to manage your schedule yourself but you struggle to identify urgent tasks and lack strategy and motivation to move forward.
  • You might have worked with another coach or program before to get to where you are now, but you're lacking the principles to scale and get support from someone who created a million-dollar virtual business.
  • You might have set a goal before, but you lack a system to set and document goals on a quarterly basis and review them with a qualified team.
  • But you still haven't figured out how to work less hours per week while increasing profits.
  • You lack community with like-minded private practice operators (fellow dietitians) who leverage a cash-paying practice and aspire to create either a passive program or a million-dollar-plus program.
  • You need accountability to reach your goals. You want to be with people who elevate your mindset, not bring you down. You know you can go bigger.

What’s required to scale your business has you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed 20 hours. That’s all it takes!


20 hours a week is all you need to scale your business and feel liberated and free! I know it sounds too good to be true, but I’ve done it myself and showed countless other motivated private practice dietitians just like you to do the same! It’s all about having a clear method.

Once you develop a system, you can work less and still get amazing results. So if you’re feeling stuck or like you’re working too hard for too little progress, know that there is a better way, and this is what the Executive Mastermind teaches you how to do.

See What other registered dietitian bosses are saying!

Using the same process, I teach inside the mastermind; you will be able to:

Create a clear, proven process to help you make $10-70k a month (ONLY working 20 hours per week or less).

Learn how to set your goals for the quarter and know what to do when and make measurable progress.

Have more flexibility in your schedule, and give yourself self-care to become more motivated. 

Assess your marketing effects and make decisions based on your audience and budget. 

Have access to the fastest way to increase your prices (and improve your sales skills to support conversions).

Have the ability to create a unique framework (aka program design) with feedback from experts that makes your online program and product offering(s) stand out.

Switch to passive products (or integrate passive products), and have a launch strategy you feel great about. You iterate with a team of experts who make data-driven decisions (aka conversion rates).

Following the Dietitian Boss Method, you take an assessment to review your stage of business to identify where to focus first to make progress. Plus, you will learn how to hire staff (contractors and/or employees) effectively to take the load off your shoulders and focus on your zone of genius.

Maybe you hired coaches or have taken programs before, but they were not created for dietitians in virtual private practice.

Or maybe you worked with someone you outgrow who helped you get clients, but they haven't scaled an online business to a million in annual revenues, created a proprietary system, or created a team. The Dietitian Boss Method is designed specifically to support dietitian private practice operators and teach you how to sustain business growth to fit your lifestyle.

I'm here to tell you that it's going to be new and different with our team's help...

Why? Well, I've built a million-dollar online business from scratch, so there's no reason why I can't help you do the same. Plus, let’s not forget that after serving over 1000+ registered dietitians' clients, we can safely say there are no business coaches out there who will know the specifics of what you’ve endured as a dietitian. Our clients pay off their student loans, support their families, take off Fridays and go on holiday as they wish. This can be you too.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of scaling your business and reaching new levels of success!

Executive Mastermind - Dietitian Boss

Inside the Executive Mastermind, we will:

Teach you exactly how to scale your business, work 20 hours a week, and focus on what matters most due to clear goals. Even if you've been struggling to scale up until now, our program will help you break through to the next level.

Plus, we build community so learning the foundations to scale becomes enjoyable. Growing your practice alone can feel isolating, and we solve that fear by giving you a networking opportunity to sharpen your business skills and become an industry leader. 

*Limited to 10 Spots

By learning to develop systems and processes that support our unique goals and lifestyle, we can decrease the sense of overwhelm and wake up each day doing what we love.

When you join our program you’ll be able to

Work 20 Hours or Less a Week

You will learn time management skills, delegation, and management techniques and strategies to support your unique goals and lifestyle.

Increase Sales to 6-Figures & Beyond

By Identifying what offer to focus on and channel your consistent efforts (with our support).

Love Your Business With Processes & Delegation

By doing what you love and developing processes in your business to operationalize your entire company → so it can function without you!

Community to Network on Your Journey

Learning and growing alongside similar practitioners increases motivation, and builds connections so this journey doesn’t feel isolating. Increasing your professional network strengthens your professional development.

Access to the Founder and her Team of Experts

This process of this program follows the Dietitian Boss Method founded by Libby Rothschild. As a self-made millionaire, Libby learned what she teaches and shares her secrets with dietitians to support the company's mission: creating more private practice operators. 

The framework created is supported by our operations director and the CEO’s right-hand woman Sara. In addition to providing coaching around operations (finance, integrations, and management), Sara supports running the Dietitian Boss company. As a client, you get access to our support teaching and coaching, which cover the principles you need to scale.

*Limited to 10 Spots

We offer a 9-pillar framework to support strategy and operations to help you scale your business faster with LESS TIME SPENT running your business day to day (aka the stuff that’s not as fun as admin work)!

Libby Rothschild

Here's what you get when you join Executive:

1. Six months of support from like-minded peers and high-level mentors. Libby the founder, created the Dietitian Boss Method.

2. A 9-pillar framework to support scaling (with modules, templates, exercises and worksheets).

3. One live hot seat call every month with Libby to answer your questions, talk through your process and support your next steps.

4. Feedback within our private Facebook community within 48 business hours.

5. Quarterly goal setting so you know exactly what to focus on. 

6.Community of like-minded practitioners who develop networking, friendship, and support among one another so the journey isn't lonely. We build together.

7. Six private 1-1 coaching calls, one call to be used each month. These calls are with the Dietitian Boss team and including the founder.

8. A monthly live training with a Dietitian Boss Instructor.

During our quarterly goal-setting session we advise you to choose a focus for the next 3 months to master. We support you to achieve your focus in the form of modules, weekly calls and action steps in our private online community.

The Dietitian Boss Method Framework


Project 1: Maturity Model

Project 2: Self-Awareness

Project 3: Boundaries

Project 4: Assertive Communication

Project 5: Mission, Vision & Values


Project 1: Process Mapping

Project 2: Project Management


Project 1: Annual Goals

Project 2: Quarterly Goals

Pillar #4 CASH FLOW

Project 1: Profit and Loss Statement

Project 2: Annual Budget


Project 1: Delegation mindset

Project 2: Ideal Week

Project 3: Daily Task Tracker


Project 1: Opportunity Analysis

Project 2: Offer Audit

Project 3: Needs Analysis

Project 4: Instructional design

Project 5: Magic Triangle


Project 1: Staff Hiring

Project 2: Staff Communication

Project 3: Staff Management

Project 4: Staff Culture

Project 5: Team Leadership


Project 1: Sales Page

Project 2: Sales Calls

Project 3: Sales Team


Project 1: Content Platform

Project 2: Content Execution


BONUS #1 Quarterly legal calls with our in-house lawyer.

Value $500


Executive Mastermind - Dietitian Boss

Don't take our word for it, see what other dietitian bosses are saying!

I joined Dietitian Boss after "bootstrapping" my business for over a year. Within the first week, Libby helped me make adjustments to my business, and I hit my first 10k month ever. Since then, I've continued to get frequent help to scale my business and offer new services to my clients. Libby and her team have shown me that it's possible to achieve big dreams and help more people, all while working flexible hours.

I have been able to transition from offering only private 1:1 coaching services to now offering 2 group coaching programs. This has allowed me to serve more women while working fewer hours.

I love getting support from Libby and Sara - all experts in different ways. Additionally, I love being able to interact with the other women in the group and get inspired by their goals and accomplishments.

Being able to talk to experts multiple times throughout the week has allowed me to get the "real-time" support to keep moving forward. Additionally, knowing that I have scheduled calls to show up to has helped me, mentally, keep pushing forward even when it feels hard.

~ Megan Moore

The Executive Program was the biggest game-changer for my business this past year. I started working with Libby in April 2020, this was going on my 3rd year of business, never hitting six figures. By the end of 2020, my business hit six figures for the first time, and by 2021, I hit six figures by July! The best part about this is that I was actually working fewer hours, I went from 1:1 coaching to exclusively group coaching. I honestly would never have started group coaching without this program. The most special part of this program was the weekly calls with Libby, Sara, and the other like-minded RD's. As much as I love being my own boss, it can be a little lonely at times, it is really helpful to join calls with other dietitian bosses, we are a unique breed! I enjoyed that many of them were ahead of me, in their income, social media presence, or course creation, because I got to learn from them. There is a group feeling of, "If she can do it, I can do it."

~ Katie Gill

Finally, a course that teaches you exactly how to scale your business, work fewer hours, know what to focus on due to clear goals...even if you've tried numerous other business programs out there and nothing has worked!


Hi, I’m Libby Rothschild,

founder and owner of Dietitian Boss. For the last three years, I’ve been helping dietitians to start and grow their own private practice. I created the Dietitian Boss Method ™️ —a proprietary process that shows dietitians step by step how to attract and enroll cash based clients using social media marketing (so dietitians can make 6 and 7 figures and leave their clinical jobs). You can become your own boss and our team shows you how.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to be a broke clinical dietitian.

I struggled with a poor mindset and tried working more hours to feel fulfilled and pay rent in new york city. I worked a full-time clinical job, created and taught 2 academic curricula, worked overtime at my clinic, consulted for a restaurant on sustainable food choices, and spoke for the 1199 union on nutrition and chronic disease. After working multiple jobs and hustling to find my place in the world I decided to show my face on social media and my life transformed. I leveraged the power of showing up on social media to help people and I created a million-dollar online business within 3 years of the first time I showed my face on Instagram.

Since opening a feed on social media (starting with Instagram) I've gone on to serve more than 1000 dietitians and help them show their face, attract clients, define their business and start and grow a private practice. This makes me feel fulfilled.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you achieve financial freedom and alignment through the power of showing your face on social media to serve more people and transform their lives all while creating wealth for your family.

You’d be a great fit for our program if...

You are a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist who wants to scale without overwhelm.

You want to work less in your business but you’re not sure what to focus on first.

You want to create passive products like courses and memberships, or you want to run a group program or high ticket coaching and you want support with where to fit these ideas into your existing offer(s).

As your company is growing you face new challenges that you'd like resolved faster like how to hire and/or manage staff and your time and focus so you can reach your goals faster.

You already make regular sales and you need to hire (more) help but you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start or how to hire for success to build a lasting team.

You know the significance of financial management, but you'd like to have your financials reviewed and analyzed by professionals who understand your goals and are there every week to talk out your process.

You want to join a like-minded community of similar professionals at the same stage of business growth who inspire you.

This is NOT for you if…

You’re not willing to take action.

You’re hoping for a magic pill and a quick solution.

You want someone else to do the work for you.

You are in the launch phase of your business, meaning you are in your first year of business and not yet profitable.

*Limited to 10 Spots

Who Executive is for:

Full-time private practice operators  who want to save time by optimizing and automating their business.

Private practice operators who want to create memberships, courses and/or coaching programs.

Who Executive is not for:

Wants to work 40-hour weeks long-term. 

Private practice operators who are not full time (or considering their business a primary income source)

*Limited to 10 Spots

Don't take our word for it, see what other dietitian bosses are saying!

I have exceeded my income goal of covering my old salary and hoping to look at 6-figures by the middle of next year! Libby, you have helped me change my life!!

~ Cynthia Donovan

"I’m on track to make $95,000 to $100,000 (I’ll know in July) in my first year of opening a private practice. Did it while pregnant and taking care of a newborn 🙂 "

~ Temple Stewart

"Libby really helped take my business to the next level!  Having the confidence to increase my prices, systems in place to make my life easier, and creating an awesome team to help me reach my goals.  Having all of this in place has decreased my stress while increasing my income."

~ Casey Farlow

"After several years of running an insurance-based private practice, I joined Libby’s group program to ease the overwhelm of trying to grow my business with packages and programs. My goals were to spend less time working, generate more income and connect with more of my ideal client. Libby’s group program empowered me with the marketing skills I needed to accomplish attracting the type of client I wanted to help. I doubled my income within a few months of starting her group coaching program and I feel more fulfilled in my business." 

~ Sam Abbot

"I think the last time I was on air, we talked about growing my business to eventually do groups and I’ve started doing that. And also talked about hiring an associate and had current contractors working for me at that time. And that’s kind of what I’m working on now. So those are the two main updates from last time that we spoke...I looked at my schedule. I was booked every minute of every day with one-to-one clients, group calls, all these things that I was doing. And I seriously had no more time left in my day to spend more time marketing, spend more time on sales calls, unless I wanted to be working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, there was no way I could continue to grow and scale without help." 

~ Heather Finley

Libby Rothschild - Dietitian Boss

Still on the fence?

The fact that you are reading this today tells me you’re ready to create significant change in your business. And the truth is, you already know that money is not what stops you from taking this program. It’s the inability to handle the insecurity of letting you control everything in your business, is it not? 


It’s the worry that you might not let go of doing EVERYTHING in your business and make the money and impact (i.e., 40k months and helping hundreds of people).


I want to chat to you honestly about that feeling of insecurity because I’ve felt that too.


When I started Dietitian Boss, I spent hours working in my business which affected my personal life. I lacked balance and didn't have the skills to hire and manage properly. This business grew fast, and I rushed hiring and made expensive mistakes. Before I scaled my business, I focussed so intently on doing everything (meaning not building the right team fast enough). I watched others enjoy family time and evenings and weekends where I was stuck as the social media manager and customer service rep because I didn't know how to set up systems. I worked well over 40+ hours a week before I learned how to hire an aligned team that fits my values and creates systems to support scaling our company. 


*Limited to 10 Spots

So, let me ask you again what’s more important to you?

Investing in it now and taking care of it or continuing to struggle, draining more time and resources. Let me ask you, what do you need to see and hear from us to be fully convinced that we will give you the results you’re looking for? It’s a guarantee that there is no other mastermind out there that specifically helps registered dietitians scale their private practice. And you know this to be true, or else you wouldn't be here today.

*Limited to 10 Spots


Yes. When you enroll you have access to a private portal with a workbook roadmap, the modules, past call replays, a private community on Facebook, a call schedule, and more to dive into. After successful enrollment, you will set up an onboarding call to review the specifics of the program so that you have direction and support to reach your goals.