The Pros and Cons of Specializing in Intuitive Eating as Virtual Dietitian


In this video, I discussed the concept of intuitive eating and its potential for online dietitians. It highlights the pros, including empowering clients and building long-term relationships, but also points out the cons, such as limited market reach, complex client needs, and the need for ongoing research in the evolving field of intuitive eating. The importance of understanding one's target audience and adapting communication is emphasized. The video also suggests seeking inspiration from popular dietitians in the intuitive eating space and the value of providing client-centered support and guidance.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The concept of intuitive eating and how it differs from traditional diets.
  • The nuances of specializing in intuitive eating as an online dietitian.
  • The potential benefits of specializing in intuitive eating, including helping clients develop a healthier relationship with food and empowering them.
  • The importance of building long-term relationships with clients and guiding them on their intuitive eating journey.
  • The challenges and drawbacks, such as limited market reach due to the growing but not yet universal popularity of intuitive eating.
  • Dealing with complex client needs and addressing deep-rooted emotional and psychological issues.
  • The necessity of ongoing research and staying updated in the evolving field of intuitive eating.
  • The importance of understanding and adapting to your ideal client's needs and language to make a meaningful impact in the space.

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