Start Your Dietitian Private Private Practice after Taking Time Off from Working


Take a break from your dietitian private practice?

I'm speaking directly to dietitians ready to revive their private practice after a hiatus. Feeling a bit anxious is normal, and I've got your back with practical steps to help you overcome challenges and maximize your potential so you can create more impact and become visible in your space.

Well, maybe you want to learn how to do this? 

Firstly, pinpoint your "why" – a clear purpose will be your anchor during tough days. 

Next, define "what" you'll sell, whether it's online coaching, an e-book, or insurance services. Keep it simple initially and focus on feedback to enhance your offering.

Reflect on your strengths. Take free online tests like Myers-Briggs to understand your unique traits. Leverage these strengths in your business, whether it's writing, speaking, or another skill that sets you apart. 

What you will learn from watching this weeks video found here:

  • Overcoming anxiety and frustration when restarting your dietitian private practice

  • The importance of a clear "why" or purpose in launching your practice

  • Identifying reasons for starting a private practice, such as debt payoff, philosophy, increased income potential, or impact

  • Clarifying what services or products you'll offer, whether it's online coaching, e-books, or insurance services

  • Understanding the logistics of delivering your product or service, especially in an online context

  • Keeping your initial offer simple and gathering feedback for improvement

  • Reflecting on your strengths and leveraging them in your business

  • Utilizing free online personality tests like Myers-Briggs to understand your unique traits

  • Embracing moments of awkwardness and constructive criticism for business growth

Start Your Private Practice Checklist

(A 9-step checklist to help start and grow your Dietitian Private Practice!)

Starting a private practice can seem scary when you don't know what to do. We are here to clear up the confusion.

We created a method that breaks down exactly what you can do to start a dietitian business, and we are sharing our secrets for free!

Work with our checklist as you make progress and increase your confidence. 


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