Start your Dietitian Private Practice without Accepting Free Work


Wondering if you can grow your dietitian practice without doing free work? Spoiler: you can! In this video, we discuss why free work has a bad reputation and offer three valuable tips to help you build your business and reputation without giving away your services for free. Learn how to leverage your current job, find paid opportunities, and strategically set and increase your rates. Plus, we tackle the common issue of staying stuck at low rates and how to move past it. Ready to value your time and expertise? Watch till the end to unlock your full potential as a private practice dietitian!

What You Can Learn from This Video:

  • The controversy around offering free work as a dietitian
  • How to grow your private practice without giving away free services
  • The importance of valuing your time and charging for your services
  • Alternative ways to build your reputation without free work
  • Tips for leveraging your current job to gain exposure and paid opportunities
  • Strategies to set and progressively increase your rates
  • Balancing charity work with professional boundaries
  • Overcoming the black-and-white mindset regarding free vs. paid work
  • How to set goals and follow through with your pricing plans
  • The importance of progressing your price points over time
  • How to position yourself strategically as a business owner and dietitian


Start Your Private Practice Checklist

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Starting a private practice can seem scary when you don't know what to do. We are here to clear up the confusion.

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