Registered Dietitian Salary in California


I explore how a dietitian’s salary is calculated via experience, location, specialization, post-grad programs, and work settings, all of which can impact your earning potential. Specifically, I'll mention that in California, the salary typically falls within the range of $53,000 to $72,500 annually in Los Angeles, with variations due to the cost of living disparities in different regions. 

What you will learn from watching:

  • Factors influencing salary, such as experience, location, specialization, post-grad programs, and work settings.
  • The salary range for registered dietitians in California, with a focus on Los Angeles.
  • The availability of a salary calculator from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Tips for maximizing your salary, including expanding your skill set, improving negotiation skills, networking, and considering private practice.
  • The importance of skill development and how it can contribute to increasing your income.
  • The benefits of building relationships and networking within the healthcare community.
  • The potential for higher earnings through private practice or consulting.

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