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In my pursuit to successfully hire my first Dietitian for my private practice, I recognize the importance of a well-structured hiring and onboarding process. This includes drafting a comprehensive job description and clearly articulating my company's mission and vision. I also acknowledge the significance of making a thoughtful welcoming gesture. Building a robust team, distinguishing between employees and contractors, and setting up improvement plans and scorecards are paramount. I understand the necessity of regular feedback sessions, clear company goals, and using resources such as free guides. I also recognize the importance of treating contractors and employees differently, especially when it comes to reviews and improvement plans.

What you’ll learn from watching this weeks video:

  • The importance and intricacies of hiring your first dietitian in your private practice.
  • How to streamline the hiring process and establish a solid rapport with your new hire.
  • The relevance of a well-structured onboarding process including crafting an impactful welcome and comprehensive job description.
  • The significance of briefing your hire on your company’s mission and vision.
  • The difference a thoughtful welcoming gesture can make in building a strong relationship with your new hire.
  • The essentials of building a flourishing dietitian private practice.
  • The importance of having the right team in place and the distinction between hiring employees and contractors.
  • The impact of implementing improvement plans and scorecards in your practice.
  • The significance of setting clear company goals and how it affects the performance of your staff.
  • How to effectively give and receive feedback from your staff for improvement.
  • The importance of having regular one-on-one sessions with your staff to support their progress in the company.
  • The importance of following the hiring process and using resources such as free guides to assist in the process.
  • Understanding the difference in treatment between contractors and employees, especially in reviews and improvement plans.

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