How to Become a Successful Dietitian Without Starting a Private Practice


Can you create success outside of owning a private practice as a dietitian? Absolutely! In today’s video, we'll explore how to achieve that. Let's dive into the first step: defining success. What does it mean to you? Picture your future as a registered dietitian.

One of the quickest ways to start is through continuing education credits. I began by exploring CEU-approved courses related to business, like an email marketing course by dietitian business coach Amy Sowers. This opened my eyes to the vast possibilities in dietetics and business. I encourage you to explore continuing education credits in our library, which offers a variety of topics to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Private practice, often misunderstood, simply means not being owned by a government entity—you’re your own boss! This could include running a membership program, selling courses, or engaging in affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships. There are countless options for dietitians to explore.

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What You'll Learn From The Video:


  • Exploring Continuing Education Credits:

    • Learn the importance of continuing education and how to find CEU-approved courses related to business.
  • Options Beyond Private Practice:

    • Discover various career options within private practice, including membership programs, courses, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships.
    • Understand that private practice means being your own boss, not just insurance-based brick-and-mortar counseling.
  • Negotiating a Higher Salary:

    • Tips on how to negotiate a raise, including using the Academy salary calculator and leveraging reviews and feedback.
  • Virtual Work:

    • Explore the benefits of virtual work for flexibility and autonomy.
  • Resources for Success:

    • Information about the Dietitian Boss Library, including over 300 lessons, workbooks, guest lectures, live call recordings, and marketing templates.


Start Your Private Practice Checklist

(A 9-step checklist to help start and grow your Dietitian Private Practice!)

Starting a private practice can seem scary when you don't know what to do. We are here to clear up the confusion.

We created a method that breaks down exactly what you can do to start a dietitian business, and we are sharing our secrets for free!

Work with our checklist as you make progress and increase your confidence. 


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