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Learn new skills on a month to month basis while becoming a more resilient dietitian. 


Dietitian Boss, a Place Where Boss's Are Born


We Revolutionize the Role of a Dietitian


Join the inspiring experience of a lifetime. We create clear and structured learning experiences from naming your brand to landing your first client to working a 20 hour work week (or less). The role of a dietitian is no longer limited to clinical, community or food service. You are the boss and you create your dream role. We show you how to become resilient alongside your peers.  


Wishes do come true!

  • You are certain that you want flexibility in your life. Like taking Friday's off and working a short work week
  • You want to practice based on your nutrition philosophy
  • You want to get visible and bring attention to the impact of dietitians
  • You want to earn money without one-on-one being the ONLY option
  • You might or might not take insurance, but you want other options 
  • You know in your heart that creating something of your own lights you up, and it feels great...
Could this be the start of something transformative?

Imagine if...

  • You had a team of mentors who have been where you are as a dietitian looking to become visible, to guide you.
  • You knew EXACTLY what to do each week to make progress. 
  • You had a step-by-step roadmap and a plan with templates, exercises and checklists customized to fit your needs (and save HOURS of time).
  • You have the complete A-Z Blueprint to walk you through various ways to make money as a dietitianthat will save you energy and frustration.
  • You get results faster by applying our proven framework to package the nutrition knowledge you already know into a program (that you can sell on autopilot). 
  • You had a network of peers to grow with during your transformation of becoming a dietitian boss

And the good news?

You only have to show up. 

Introducing The Academy Library

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A monthly membership where registered dietitians like you get the step-by-step roadmap to plan, start and grow a dietitian business without only offering on-one-ones. We help you design your dream life which includes a flexible lifestyle.

When you join, you will receive a signature 10 module (30 hour) curriculum following our magical framework.

Our signature curriculum comes with assessments, exercises, worksheets, templates and plug and play documents to speed up your process (so you can become your own boss faster).

Our team has served over 1000+ registered dietitians who have learned how to create a flexible lifestyle, become their own boss and pick a niche with confidence by following our teachings. Oh, and we help you earn more money too! 



The resources are gold 

I've seen a lot of success and consistent success using the methods that we use, that I learned in Dietitian Boss.

~ Jen



I launched my first product!

I sold 55 copies of my eBook and doubled my sales goal!  

~ Fatima


What's waiting for you inside

Self-Paced Video Training 

Gain access to our signature 10 module curriculum + roadmap to help you decide your pacing. 

We upload new content every 2 months based on requests.

Live Monthly Training (for CEUs) 


Our founder Libby teaches live business topics in a lecture format with Q&A and a replay. You can earn up to 15 CEU's a year by attending live. 

Amazing Community 


With weekly support we hold you accountable. We offer unlimited video coaching to help you get un-stuck so you can grow with confidence. Ask us questions on your time!

Fully Customizable Templates


We offer plug and play social media posts, captions, sales pages, email marketing sequences & done-for-you eBooks on various topics. We offer over 70 templates to speed up your process.

Live Q&A 


Get your burning questions answered live. Submit questions for live feedback and discussion about what you are working on. Engage in live discussion to support progress and learn with your peers and our team. 

Social Media Trend Report


Not sure what to post? We save you time on social media so you know what sounds and trends to use. You get a report generated to your inbox to plug and play. We also send ideas so you don't have to spin your wheels.

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What you will learn...

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Learning new skills requires a mindset shift. We dive into belief identification and practicing affirmations. You will clarify your business goals in a written business plan and identify a time management plan. We review legal business setup and money management. 

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Based on your business plan you will choose a marketing plan (either in person, online or both). You will customize a step by step plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you become visible. 

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Developing a clear target market (also known as ideal client) will focus your energy and strategy. You will identify who you serve, and craft a clear message. You will identify what problem your business solves and document a market research plan. This is the niche work that helps you become visible! 

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You will pick and create offer(s) that supports your business plan. We provide done for you templates and walk you step by step to create a course, membership, coaching, program and/or eBook. You will feel clear on pricing, what's included and how to deliver the offer. 

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Create an enrollment process for people to purchase your offer(s). You learn how to engage with sales behaviors without feeling pushy. You will walk away with a documented process to enroll via sales calls, a web page and/or selling without a sales call. 

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Setup your email service provider and create a free offer. We provide templates for you to plug and play this entire process from the email sequences to the free guide. Tech tutorials and live trainings are available to save you time.

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Don’t even know where to begin with social media? We got you covered. We provide step by step setup so you can avoid spending too much time obsessing about what to post. We show you how to use social media as a tool for business without the anxiety. 

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Identify what's working and not working by creating a solid content marketing strategy that will help you publish high-quality content for years to come. We give you checklists, weekly reviews and trend reports to know what to post, when and why. 

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Learn how to build meaningful relationships with peers and potential clients. Build habits to talk to people who are interested in purchasing your products and services (even if you identify as an introvert).

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Learn how to practice assertive communication and boundary holding to prevent burnout and maintain a schedule that fits your desired lifestyle (i.e Fridays off!). 

Student Spotlight: Julie Shobe

Julie started from zero and built her practice to support motherhood

"The Dietitian Boss framework has helped me learn what to focus on in starting my private practice. On my own I didn't know what to prioritize or how to attract clients. I appreciate all the specific and straight forward steps given. 

I launched a successful online private practice and course for my target market while pregnant. 

Dietitian Boss gave me the tools I needed to figure out step by setup how to get my first 12 clients and make course sales."

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Academy Library Investment


  • 10 self-paced training modules (our signature course)
  • Our my time-saving templates and checklists
  • Monthly Q&A calls
  • Monthly live teaching (for 15 CEU's a year)
  • 70 + templates and exercises to plug and play
  • Private Facebook Community

Monthly Academy

Month to month payments of $97 USD 

- Easy cancel anytime


Annual Academy

Annual Payments of $980 USD (save $184) 




Dietitian Boss helped me create a flexible life!

I am so glad that I chose team Dietitian Boss as my business coach to help me set up my online private practice.  When I started my main goal was to achieve a flexible schedule where I could work from my home and be available to spend more time with my family.  Through the coaching and resources provided by team Dietitian Boss I was able to achieve my goal of having a flexible schedule and set up processes to run my private practice.  I cannot thank the team enough for their continued support and encouragement!

~Analicia Powel



I went from 0-200 clients!

I'm over halfway to my sales goal and we are half way through the month!

~Becca King 



I closed another client!

This past week as been exciting because I closed anther client at a higher price point and took payment over the phone!

~Liz Blom 


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Need Some Peace of Mind?

If you put in the work, we offer you a guarantee. Our goal is to help you create a thriving business. If, after 30 days of active participation in the program, you don't feel it's the right fit, you can request a refund. You will need to send your completed coursework and complete all of the guarantee conditions to show that you've participated, but it isn't working for you. You have until day 30 to submit your refund request. After that time, you will no longer be eligible for the guarantee. See our full guidelines and guarantee conditions

Academy Library Investment


  • Live 1 hour monthly trainings covering highly requested topics to help you start and grow your dietitian private practice
  • 10 Self-Paced Training Modules (valued at $3400)
  • Navigational roadmap with a business plan and assessment tool to know what to do first and when
  • Our my time-saving templates and checklists (valued at $2797)
  • Once a month Live Q&A Calls (valued at $500)
  • Private Facebook Community with weekday support (priceless!)
  • Social media trend reports and content topic ideas to save time and stay relevant 
  • BONUS 1: Legal presentation to support scope of practice 
  • BONUS 2: Extended Training on clinician burnout (valued $297)

Total program value $6,491


Monthly Payments of $97 USD

*cancel anytime



Annual Payments of $980 USD (save $184)